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Behold the BEHEMOTH!

I spent a lot of time tonight in the garage.  I had one mishap on the cnc mill.  I meant to set the pass depth to 0.09 but instead set it to 0.9″.  As you can imagine that did not go well.  I needed to reregister the zero for the hole using another hole.  Luckily it worked out ok.  I really need to find a good free speeds and feeds calculator or buy the popular online one.



Laser cutting the Adafruit Raspberry Pi case

I was thinking of 3d printing a case for the Raspberry Pi I picked up the other day.  I jumped onto and found a laser cut acrylic one designed by Adafruit.  I decided to give it a go on the laser cutter using some 1/8″ clear acrylic I had on hand. I think it turned out pretty good.  It fits together well but the little tabs that hold it in place break off easily.  I am running raspbmc on this one.  It is a Raspberry Pi XBMC distro.

Here are some more pics:

Making a PCB using a Laser Engraver Part Deux

I’ve made some changes to speed up the process for making power distribution boards for my multirotors. Basically I use a blue painters masking tape to cover the board and then use the laser to cut out the template.  After removing part of the blue mask I spray paint.



I start off with a double sided PCB copper clad blank







I mill and drill the board on the CNC as usual.




After some slight deburring of the copper at the edges I cover the board with high quality blue painters masking tape.





Then I use the laser to cut out a template in the blue mask.






Now that the mask is cut I can remove the part of the mask that I want to apply paint to





I give it a couple of light coats of Painters Touch flat black spray paint making sure all the copper is covered.




After the paint has had a chance to dry a bit I remove the blue tape to expose the copper I want to remove with ferric chloride.  I only let it dry for a couple of hours before etching.




Here it is after etching with the copper removed.




Next I remove the paint with acetone and a rag and then use some black electrical tape to cover the pads for where I want to solder the esc’s and power connections to.




Now it gets a coat of the black EZ liner Truck Bed Protector paint to insulate the copper.




Here it is with the esc’s soldered to the pads.  I use liquid insulator to cover the connections on the pads.  This board is for my new tricopter V2.  I’ll be putting a KK2 controller on it.

Dry Harder

I came home from a relaxing flying session on Friday night to hear my wife muttering something about a broken dryer as we were just about to head out for dinner.  What?  A broken dryer?  You can’t expect me to leave now.  I said give me 5 minutes and went and got my tools.  45 minutes later with the washer and dryer both moved into akward positions exposing years of lint and other lost little items I had diagnosed the fault.  The meter on the thermal fuse read open.  Not good.

On Saturday morning I headed to AMRE supply and they hooked me up with a new thermal fuse.  I also replaced the safety thermostat for good measure as this was recommended by “experts” online.  Here are some pictures.