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600mm Quadcopter


I have been fine tuning my quad copter design now and it’s seen quite a few iterations.  This is number 5.  It is built using G10 FR4, HDPE, 12mm carbon fiber tubes and double side 1/16″ copper clad.  This quad is meant to be a simple sport flier but could easily be extended to carry a camera or FPV gear.  I’m using my Aurora 9 TX as usual with the proven optima 7 RX on this one.

When I design parts for CNC Routing I use Vcarve Pro. I am very happy with this software and it has been well worth every dollar I spent on it. When I make parts to be 3D printed I use OpenSCAD the programmers CAD.

Motors and ESC’s and Props

I am using Turnigy Plush 25amp ESC’s flashed with the simon k tgy.hex you can read about it here.  The motors are these Hacker Style 20-22L 924KV motors.  As for props I’m using the trusted APC 10×4.7SF and 10×4.7SFP.


I have had great success with the KK version 1 controllers on both tricopters and quadcopters.  I am planning to put the KK2.0 Multirotor controller in this one.  I have been flying the Naza with GPS on my other hexacopter and quadcopter and absolutely love it.  It is the best flight controller I have ever tried (and I have tried many).  I am mounting the controller using the rubber isolation mount stand offs I bought from

Frame Plates

Anyhow this version 5 quad sports the new power distribution plate that I prototyped on my 550mm quad that uses the DJI arms.  I created it using this technique

The top plate is cut out of 1/16″ G10 FR4 and painted using the same Truck Bed Liner in a can that I used to paint the power distribution board and boom motor mount plates.  The truck bed liner makes a nice hard surface and sticks really well to the G10 FR4 with light sanding only.

Motor Arms

Orientation is always challenging on a quad and I found that the multicoloured arms on the DJI quads/hexas helps a lot.  Normally I make the motor and frame boom mounts out of 1/2″ HDPE.  I cut the shapes out on my cnc router then create a pocket and setup a program to drill the two 1/8″ holes.   I tried to drill some by hand using a template and it was impossible to keep them straight.  I decided to make two of the booms white and 2 of them black.  This meant that I needed to make some frame and motor boom mounts out of white HDPE.  I has some 1/2″ laying around from another project and used that to make the parts.  The 12mm carbon fiber tubes come in black only.  I used some white 1/2″ heatshrink on 2 of the booms to make them white.  I left the G10 FR4 the natural yellow color on the motor mounts for these booms as I did not have any white paint.

 Landing Gear

The landing gear is made from 1/2″ HDPE.  I use two 0.120″ carbon fiber rods with 4 3D printed end caps.  The landing gear is unbreakable and doesn’t weigh very much.

QB78 pellet gun 8 shot magazine

Here is an 8 shot magazine use to feed pellets to the popular QB78 air rifle. The magazine is held onto the holder with magnets. It really changes the rifle. You can quickly load pellets and shoot much faster then hand feeding.  The mags are indexed using 3 small ball bearings with some silicone tube to act as a spring.  It works quite well.

Pan/Tilt Antenna Tracker?

I decided to design a pan/tilt antenna tracker for FPV. I wanted to use standard servos. The servos are all geared using 3D printed gears. The pan axis uses a ballbearing supported gear to help reduce unwanted oscillation then pan is stopped. I was planning to use the Eagletree system but have since sold it and use the FY-31AP system from

Here are some videos and pictures of the system I built. I am posting this entry a long time after the build so it isn’t a play by play log like you’ll be seeing in future posts.