3D Printed Planetary Gear Bearing

I found this on thingiverse the other day.  I wanted to see how it would print on the Behemoth.  The only way it can be made is on a 3d printer.  It can’t be assembled or dissambled (at least without breaking it).  It printed great and it was very easy to break the gears free and start rotating it.  I ran it in a drill a little bit and it loosened up very nicely.  I’m not sure how long they will last but I intend to use them in the smaller 1 pound spools.

You can see the results here

Behemoth 330 x 360mm print bed

I picked up a piece of 41cm x 35cm x 3mm float glass at the local glass shop. It weighs in at a hefty 1029grams. I’m printing a 300x300mm square picture frame just as a test of the large surface area. The glass does sag a bit in the center but that can be easily remedied with some supports underneath. So far it doesn’t seem to effect the print.

I think I’ll work on a system to make these print beds easier to interchange. I’d like to be able to put the smaller bed back on there when I need heat on the bed.

Behemoth prints 300mm tall PLA rocket section

This is the second PLA rocket I am building.  The first one flew well and is ready for another flight.  See it here.  The bottom section of this rocket is 300mm  tall.  I will print a 300mm tube and a 70mm nose cone for a total height of 670mm.

The layer alignment on this section is the best I have ever seen on any of the printers I have built.  I was worried about issues surfacing as I printed at higher and higher elevations.   So far I have not had any.  This one was printed at 0.35mm layer height and took about 2 hours to print.

I measured the Z height again and I can print 390mm high.