A challenge for the Behemoth

This spiral lightbulb is always a challenge to print.  It requires good retraction.  As the print gets taller the spirals get pushed around by the print head.  This makes the layer alignment difficult and as a result the surface finish suffers.  That said this is the best one I have printed to date on any of my printers.  The Behemoth is my 4th 3d printer.

I printed this one at 0.2mm layer height sliced with slic3r.  Fill was 0.15 with solid infill threshold area set to 0.  I also enabled cooling with min layer time of 15 seconds and min print speed of 10mm/s.  I printed using silver 1.75mm PLA from Ultimachine at 198C.  I used my floor fan on low to cool as it printed.


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