Behemoth 3d Printing

I have the Behemoth printing! I printed out the slic3r version of the tornado posted by Sound on thingiverse. I thought this would be a good test for the printer.¬†This isn’t your typical first print. No calibration cubes here. Just right to business. It turned out very well. Layer alignment was excellent. I was a little worried that I might have issues with large objects This is the biggest object I have ever printed.¬† I’m relieved now and can spend time cleaning up the wiring and install the end stops for x and y.

Print specs:
- 210mm tall
- 0.31mm layer height
- 195 C
- Active cooling from a floor fan on low
- 2 perimeters
- 3 solid layers on bottom, 0 layers on top
- 0% infill density

- build envelope (350mm+ on X, 350mm+ on Y, and 400mm+ on Z)
- 0.35mm steep head nozzle with makergear hot end.

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