QB78 pellet gun 8 shot magazine

Here is an 8 shot magazine use to feed pellets to the popular QB78 air rifle. The magazine is held onto the holder with magnets. It really changes the rifle. You can quickly load pellets and shoot much faster then hand feeding.  The mags are indexed using 3 small ball bearings with some silicone tube to act as a spring.  It works quite well.

Pan/Tilt Antenna Tracker?

I decided to design a pan/tilt antenna tracker for FPV. I wanted to use standard servos. The servos are all geared using 3D printed gears. The pan axis uses a ballbearing supported gear to help reduce unwanted oscillation then pan is stopped. I was planning to use the Eagletree system but have since sold it and use the FY-31AP system from http://shop.fyetech.com/

Here are some videos and pictures of the system I built. I am posting this entry a long time after the build so it isn’t a play by play log like you’ll be seeing in future posts.