Laser Tube Hanger for 50W ebay laser

To say that the laser alignment on my ebay laser was poorly done would be an understatement.  All of the mirrors were positioned in a way that was impossible to have the beam centered in all of the mirrors.  I decided to completely redo the alignment.  I started at the laser tube end.    In the following picture you can see the original stock mounting bracket on the left and my new one on the right (ignore the new one for now)

The problem with the stock bracket is that it uses spacers to adjust the height.  Guess what?  They didn’t include any extra spacers and the height was wrong.  The tube was too high and sending the beam into the top 1/3rd of the mirror.  So the over engineering obsessive maker in me saw this as the perfect opportunity for a new project and this was born…

Not wanting to leave well enough alone I decided that it would be nicer to add some fancy knobs for adjustment and to lock the tube in place and behold!

This design would allow me to make smooth and precise adjustments of the tube using thumb knobs with the ability to lock the tube in place!  The design uses 2 zip ties to hold the tube into the craddle.  The craddle is lined with some foam servo tape.  I leave the backing on the side that the tube rests on so the tube can expand and contract if it so desires.

Conclusion – Overkill?  Maybe.  You shouldn’t expect anything less from The Xnaron Project (you have been warned).


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