600mm Quadcopter


I have been fine tuning my quad copter design now and it’s seen quite a few iterations.  This is number 5.  It is built using G10 FR4, HDPE, 12mm carbon fiber tubes and double side 1/16″ copper clad.  This quad is meant to be a simple sport flier but could easily be extended to carry a camera or FPV gear.  I’m using my Aurora 9 TX as usual with the proven optima 7 RX on this one.

When I design parts for CNC Routing I use Vcarve Pro. I am very happy with this software and it has been well worth every dollar I spent on it. When I make parts to be 3D printed I use OpenSCAD the programmers CAD.

Motors and ESC’s and Props

I am using Turnigy Plush 25amp ESC’s flashed with the simon k tgy.hex you can read about it here.  The motors are these Hacker Style 20-22L 924KV motors.  As for props I’m using the trusted APC 10×4.7SF and 10×4.7SFP.


I have had great success with the KK version 1 controllers on both tricopters and quadcopters.  I am planning to put the KK2.0 Multirotor controller in this one.  I have been flying the Naza with GPS on my other hexacopter and quadcopter and absolutely love it.  It is the best flight controller I have ever tried (and I have tried many).  I am mounting the controller using the rubber isolation mount stand offs I bought from nghobbies.com.

Frame Plates

Anyhow this version 5 quad sports the new power distribution plate that I prototyped on my 550mm quad that uses the DJI arms.  I created it using this technique http://xnaron.com/2012/08/03/making-a-pcb-using-a-laser-engraver/

The top plate is cut out of 1/16″ G10 FR4 and painted using the same Truck Bed Liner in a can that I used to paint the power distribution board and boom motor mount plates.  The truck bed liner makes a nice hard surface and sticks really well to the G10 FR4 with light sanding only.

Motor Arms

Orientation is always challenging on a quad and I found that the multicoloured arms on the DJI quads/hexas helps a lot.  Normally I make the motor and frame boom mounts out of 1/2″ HDPE.  I cut the shapes out on my cnc router then create a pocket and setup a program to drill the two 1/8″ holes.   I tried to drill some by hand using a template and it was impossible to keep them straight.  I decided to make two of the booms white and 2 of them black.  This meant that I needed to make some frame and motor boom mounts out of white HDPE.  I has some 1/2″ laying around from another project and used that to make the parts.  The 12mm carbon fiber tubes come in black only.  I used some white 1/2″ heatshrink on 2 of the booms to make them white.  I left the G10 FR4 the natural yellow color on the motor mounts for these booms as I did not have any white paint.

 Landing Gear

The landing gear is made from 1/2″ HDPE.  I use two 0.120″ carbon fiber rods with 4 3D printed end caps.  The landing gear is unbreakable and doesn’t weigh very much.

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